Chargifi an intelligent wirless charging tech company is partnering with Business Continuity Technologies as a Master Reseller to provide convenient access to wireless power in public spaces like casinos, bars and stadiums. This solution has delivered against the objectives of increasing both guest satisfaction, as well as the company’s bottom line.
While wireless charging for smart phones and tablets have been around for a few years, Chargifi’s proprietary offering has taken the experience one step further by providing more than just a hardware offering. Chargifi is an enterprise-grade wireless charging solution, delivered via a centrally run system that manages, monitors and monetizes wireless power at scale for its global customers. It’s powerful analytics helps to boost business.

Earlier this year Chargifi’s wireless charging platform was deployed in Las Vegas at a major global hotel brand. The result of this pilot study showed significant results of that ongoing deployment – a 64% increase in sales during charging time!

By joining together Chargifi’s data with the hotel’s point-of-sale (POS) system, we saw a 64% increase in bar takings from each seat in the bar area, representing an increase in revenues per seat of over $2,400 (this is taking into account the investment in smart wireless charging).

“I have seen many new technologies pitched my way, but this offering is a game changer, “says Lester Keizer, CEO of Business Continuity Technologies. These results show people stayed longer at the bar, and importantly, spent more money while they charging their devices on the Chargifi platform. Also, it let’s us put the guest first and focus on what a great experience this was for them. It’s also starting to drive foot traffic, one guest using Chargifi actually said: “This would be the reason I come back!”.

” With the presence of Chargifi wireless charging there is a significant increase in dwell time, a significant increase in sales and a significant enhancement in the customer experience,” says Earle Keizer, COO of BCT. “I love the real time alerts to ensure we detect problems before our clients do. The Self Healing capabilities maximize reliability and reduce expensive servicing cost. As one of the first Managed Service Providers in Las Vegas and Nevada, this is truly a managed service offering in the cloud and fits nicely into our portfolio of managed services. The game changer however is the Chargifi IoT Management Platform which captures data and analytics that help me deliver reports vitals and usage metric. Without Chargifi, it is impossible to prove a return on investment in wireless charging to venues.”

We know the world is going electric and electric is going wireless – but it’s still so fascinating to see incredible results like these, and the positive impact that the wireless world is having on the hospitality sector – BCT is currently looking at a wider deployment across the hotel and casino.

Education, enterprise, stadiums, retail and travel are other sectors that BCT will be partnering with – anywhere where people are out of home, that will value convenient access to power. The ‘venue’ can use our solution to manage their infrastructure remotely, better understand customer behavior and further monetize the customer experience using wireless charging as the enabler – we all have to come back to power. Chargifi, even has a patent to wirelessly charge drones!
As a relatively new tech start-up, Charifi is well funded by Intel Capital and is also now an HPE invested company

SMART WIRELESS CHARGING-If you can influence how and where people get access to power, you can influence the rest of their experience with you.