One of the first computer retail stores in Las Vegas, Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) has a rich history in Southern Nevada. Founded by brothers Earle and Lester Keizer, who are Asian-Pacific Americans, BCT has 13164312_10153523693696641_884921149294517064_ndone a phenomenal job of adapting to the mercurial industry of computer technology. The Keizer’s pioneered managed services in the technology industry, helping clients stay connected proactively. As the information technology industry has a dearth of minority- or woman-owned individuals, the Keizers hope to see that improve in the future.

The Fa13062320_10153523693701641_4012751251314725619_nmily Owned Business Awards began in 2010 as a way to recognize hardworking families throughout Nevada. Having now honored over 300 companies, the event has grown and pays tribute to businesses throughout the state. Without the support of the event’s corporate sponsor, Nevada State Bank (NSB), the Family Owned Business Awards program would not be possible. The bank has a long-term commitment to working with and helping family owned businesses in Nevada. Nevada Business Magazine, along with NSB, is honored to recognize and support some of Nevada’s finest family owned businesses for their hard work. Congratulations to this year’s finalists and winners.