4 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider in Las Vegas

The lack of a common framework for assessing cloud services in Las Vegas and the fact that no two Cloud Service Providers are alike makes it difficult for your business to choose the right one.

To address this issue, we will cover four key aspects in this blog to help you identify the cloud service provider in Las Vegas that can best match your business needs practically and technically.

  1. Cloud Security

You want to better understand your security goals, each provider’s security measures, and the mechanism they use to protect your data and application. In addition, make sure you understand the specific responsibilities of each party.

  1. Cloud Compliance

Secondly, choose the Las Vegas cloud services platform that can help you meet compliance standards for your organization and industry.

Whether you are beholden to GDPR, SOC 2, HIPA, or any other systems, ensure you understand what it will take to achieve compliance once your data and application live in a public cloud infrastructure.

Also, ensure you understand where your responsibilities lie and which compliance aspect the cloud service provider in Las Vegas help you check off.

  1. Architecture

When choosing a cloud provider, consider how the architecture will apply to your current and future applications.

For example, if your company has already invested heavily in the Microsoft universe, it might be a good idea to switch to Azure, where Microsoft grants its customers licenses (and often free credit). On the other hand, if your business relies more on Amazon or Google services, you may want to look into these services for ease of integration and authentication.

  1. Manageability

You can also take the time to figure out which different cloud platforms need management. Each service supports different orchestral instruments and integrates with other services.

If you have a service that is important to your business, make sure that the cloud service provider in Las Vegas offers an easy way to integrate it (or that your business is comfortable transferring it to the same supported service).

You also want to determine how much time and effort your team will need to manage the various aspects of cloud infrastructure before making a final decision.


While the above four criteria may not give you all the information you need, they can help you build a robust analytics system when deciding which cloud services in Las Vegas to trust.

You can add granularity by analyzing your business requirements to identify additional aspects to help you make good decisions. This is important to identify which vendors offer the features and resources that best support your business, operational, security, and compliance goals.

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