Affordable Phone Systems for Today’s Business

Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) announced today that it has a full suite of affordable phone systems designed for today’s business.

A leading Managed Services technology company in Las Vegas, uses state of the art technology to deliver phone services to its customer.

As one of the oldest  technology companies in Las Vegas, BCT knows and understands the needs of doing business in a unique city like Las Vegas.

BCT’s Business Phone Systems has been developed specifically for the Hybrid office; remote home offices integrated with your central office location. This proprietary offering enables business to now communicate anywhere with options to choose from. It is built for one to stay connected no matter where your office is. 90+ features, including HD voice & unlimited domestic calling (Canada, US and PR).

“I am very excited about our Managed Phone Systems,” says Melvin Chatman Jr., CEO and owner of Business Continuity Technologies. “The mobile phone App is very robust.  You can dial out from the app using the company caller id so your personal number remains hidden. This means you don’t have to pay cell phone carriers for company issued cell phones anymore!”

Other cost-saving measure include:

Never have to pay for third-party video conferencing anymore.

Securely engage with your customers from wherever with 720p HD audio/ video, screen sharing, and interactive presentation tools.

  • Never have to pay for third party fax services.
  • Centralize internal communications to one single solution.
  • Plug and play. Quick easy installation.
  • No clumsy, cumbersome PBX to manage.
  • Free Phones on certain package deals.

Breakaway from your inbox. Save time and money by communicating with your workers in real time with individual and team chat.

 Managed phone support from BCT.

  • All phone tickets go to the BCT help desk for prompt and professional support. This includes emergency situations.
  • No waiting on hold for long periods of time with a third party that does not understand your needs.
  • Cloud based management.
  • Highly reliable
  • Simplified Scaling and Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Increased productivity and Collaboration

As a small business owner myself, running a business is hard work. I believe that using a phone system shouldn’t be.  That is why my company put together this leading world-class phone system service together and affordable for you,” states Melvin Chatman, Jr.

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