BCT clients sleep well at night! Our Managed Services layered approach to security protects our clients 24/7 from the newest Wanna Cry, Ransomware explosion.  Read the latest email we sent out to our hundreds of satisfied clients.

To our valued customers:

You may have heard today about the Wanna Cry cybersecurity attack affecting companies across the globe. We would like to take a minute to address what we have been doing to prevent you from being a victim of these attacks. Most commonly these are injected into networks through email and downloads. BCT provides a layered approach to security that protects our clients. Our team has a resident security expert on staff that keeps an eye on all security trends happening across the globe. Recently as of last week, that team member just finished a briefing and training with some of the best security experts in the industry.

Our layered approach is as follows:

  1. Watchguard Firewalls – It is a BCT standard that all of our customers have a Watchguard firewall. These are configured to allow only what is needed for day to day work and to block everything else. This is what we call Unified threat management. This firewall is updated daily to include the newest database of known exploits and vulenrabilites. BCT’s team consists of  advanced certified watchguard engineers that are trained to configure these properly with a focus on client security. The firewall is the main in and out point for everything in your network to be protected from the outside world.
  2. Email Filtering – It is a BCT standard that all customers have email filtering. Since email is the most common form of this attack, every email that comes in and out is scanned for malicious attachments. Anything deemed malicious is immediately placed into quarantine for review. Our firewalls are configured to ONLY allow email that has CLEARED the filter. If any email tries to pass through the network from outside the filter, it is immediately blocked.
  3. Antivirus– Our antivirus solutions scan attachments in the background before they are opened and are checked to make sure they are clean. In the event of an unclean attachment, the user is notifed with a pop-up that it is possibly malicious.
  4. Best in Industry Backup services – BCT prides itself on using some of the best backup technology in the industry, strong backups are a must to recover from a ransomware attack. Our network operations center monitors the backups for your site 24/7/365. For our clients that our using our Datto backup solution, you can rest even easier as Datto recently rolled out Ransomware detection within their backup appliances for even more added protection.
  5. User training – BCT  offers user training to our clients through a series of online training videos. If you would like to take part in this, please reach out to us.

As with anything cyber related nothing is ever 100% avoidable but here at BCT, we pride ourselves on bringing the best technologies based on tested industry standards to our customer base to  protect them from all of the bad on the internet today.

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