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Chris Johnson, Business Development Specialist for Business Continuity Technologies recently participated in the First Annual Nevada State Broadband Summit. Representatives from K-12 School District, Universities, Healthcare, Business, Public Safety, State and Local Government, and Broadband Service Providers from across the state joined together for this one-day conference to discuss the Governor’s vision for broadband connectivity in Nevada. Governor Sandoval’s vision is for Nevada to become the most connected sate in the country.

Some of the takeaways of this summit were:

  1. OSIT (www.osit.nv.gov)(Office of Science, Innovation & Technology) The mission of the Office is to coordinate and align efforts by K-12 and higher education, workforce development and employers to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and STEM workforce development so that Nevada’s workforce can meet the demands of its growing economy.  The Office will also coordinate broadband activities, support the Advisory Council on STEM and administer STEM workforce challenge grants.
  2. There is approximately $3.9 billion dollars available annually for schools and the majority of that money is never applied for by Nevada. In the surrounding states (Nevada, Arizona, Utah) Nevada is last in terms of funds awarded when filing for E-rate and responding to RFP.
  3. E-rate Central (www.e-ratecentral.com) is instrumental in assisting with navigating the 470 & 471 process for both the applying entity (school) and respondent (MSP).
  4. E-rate is available for tribal use  and also for libraries.
  5. AT&T is experimenting with COW (Cell On Wheels & Cell On Wings Technology) which is wifi via car/truck or drone being broadcast through an access point tethered to the vehicle/drone.
  6. The Nevada Kids Connect Initiative was designed to:
    • Customize technical assistance to districts to improve broadband connectivity.
    • Have a $2 million budget to support broadband development and draw down additional federal funding (obtain more money)
    • Increase the amount of E-Rate funding requested
    • Increase the percentage of requests that are approved
    • Ensure that every student in NV attends a school that meets the FCC connectivity standard.

“Our company is committed to the vision of Governor Sandoval  in making Nevada the most connected state in the country”, says Lester and Earle Keizer, BCT’s CEO and President respectively. “Our minority company has helped pave the way in rural Nevada by creating and managing the technology infrastructure of the  White Pine County School District, The City of Ely, White Pine County and Eureka County. We are honored to be part of the change agents for the State of Nevada.”

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