HAPPIE Home a new in-home digital companion and monitor designed around the wants and needs of 40 million U.S. unpaid family caregivers has chosen Business Continuity Technologies as its Managed Service Provider.  HAPPIE Home provides around-the-clock personalized alerts, messages and reminders remotely to update caregiver on the status of their loved ones.  HAPPPIE can help loved ones stay independent and safe in the comfort of their own homes, improving the quality of life for themselves and their caregivers.  HAPPIE’s goal is to deliver peace of mind for all.

HAPPIE’s breakthrough technology provides the following benefits:




  • Helps ease the burdens of caring for your loved one
  • Puts time back in your schedule
  • Automation allows you to perform tasks in a  more effective, consistent manner than your loved one or siblings can do
  • Facilitates compromise instead of family in-fighting that often occurs when deciding to move a loved one to a closer residence or into the caregiver home
  • Ideal for loved ones who need just a bit of assistance
  • Scalable to enable loved ones to stay independent longer
  • May reduce caregiver guilt and emotional burden when loved ones enter an assisted living situation, skilled nursing facility or hospice care

“We are honored about having this new cutting-edge technology company be part of our Managed Services family.” says the Keizer Brothers, co-owners of BCT. ” This innovate in-home digital companion and caregiver peace-of-mind smartphone portal is an exciting breakthrough in the technology world. Thought the companion component, HAPPIE learns the likes, dislikes, and patterns of the love loved one.  The loved one speaks to HAPPIE in a natural voice from anywhere in the room HAPPIE responds in her voice and displays answers to the  home TV screen.”

” We just wished it had been available a few years ago when our parents were in an Assisted Living Facility,” says Lester and Earle Keizer, CEO and COO respectively of Business Continuity Technologies. “It would have given us the peace of mind that we needed.”