Therapy West, (TW) a pediatric clinic specializing in occupational, physical and speech therapy has engaged Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) to provide Remote Technology Managed Services to its 3 clinics in the Los Angeles area.  This represents BCT’s first customer base in Southern California.

Therapy West, Inc. one of the oldest independent clinics in California was founded in 1985 as a pediatric clinic that primarily treat children with developmental disabilities, including Down Syndrome,Cerebral Palsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

TW is unique in its ability to balance three related factors.  Foremost is the quality of their pediatric services and the mentoring they provide to the staff and parents.  Next,  contributions to research and data monitoring enrich their alliances to academic institutions.  For example, TW is currently piloting a data-monitoring program that would allow service providers to efficiently identify children whose progress is suboptimal.  Finally, TW’s hands-on educational seminars serve as another manifestation of their contribution to the community and our profession.  They are closely tied to local and state organizations, and  have internationally disseminated their philosophy in more than two dozen countries.

” I am excited about our new venture into the Southern California region” says Earle Keizer, President and COO of BCT. “Our unique proprietary model of providing remote managed technology services will enable TW to focus on what they do best-providing exceptional care to the children who need their services in Los Angeles.”

Lester Keizer CEO of BCT says” we are honored to be associated with a prestigious institution like TW.  BCT has always had a passion for helping children and with our world class technology services, we will be able to provide  TW with the technology tools needed to carry out their world-wide mission.”

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