Hotels.com recently posted the following review about one of our clients – a gem of a hotel in Las Vegas called  The Carriage House“The hotel is wonderful, the location superb!!! Access to the hotel and to the floor via card, then we felt VERY SAFE.  Large, beautiful comfortable room. GRADE 10!  The best Wife-Fi in the world!”

Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) has been providing managed technology service to The Carriage House for over 15 years. A year ago, The Carriage House engaged BCT to upgrade its wireless system.  After extensive tests and a comprehensive on- site assessment. BCT installed Ruckus Smart Wi-FI.

“It was a pleasure to work with Lenora Wilson,Assistant General Manager of this top-rated hotel not just in the installation phase but also on the management of the infrastructure.  15 years ago when we got this account, I was the lead engineer. Today, I am honored and humbled to still retain that position and have The Carriage House as one of BCT’s prestigious accounts. It is a real testimony to my fellow co-workers and company that we have many satisfied business partners and long-term loyal customer like The Carriage House,” says George Porchas, Senior Network Engineer for Business Continuity Technologies.

83 percent  of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they had one.  You can invest all you want in snazzy rooms and fancy lobbies, but if your guests can’t get a strong consistent wireless connection-they won’t be coming back again”, says the Keizer Brother, Lester and Earle Keizer, CEO and COO respectively of Business Continuity Technologies.

“BCT is a leading provider of Wi-Fi services in Las Vegas. We install and manage Ruckus Wi-Fi because 70 percent of the hospitality market-and 86 percent of the the world’s luxury properties-rely on Ruckus StarWi-FI”,  says Earle Keizer.

We are proud to deliver world-class wireless connectivity and are thrilled that our clients and their guests can brag about it,” says Lester Keizer. ” To have a discriminating guest of The Carriage House say “Best Wi-Fi” in not just Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the world but in the world is a testimony that we will have to earn and work for each day.”

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