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Business Continuity Technologies has you covered!

Even a leading fabric-covered structure company needs Business Continuity Technologies services.

Business Continuity Technologies

The leader in all-weather fabric buildings is Allsite. But it is not just a tent rental company. It provides high quality designed fabric buildings. Therefore, the large clear span space can be set-up in any place.

 Allsite builds aviation hangers, construction, event spaces, mining and warehouses. This includes temporary or permanent fabric covered buildings.

“BCT is excited to provide IT services to this international company“, says Earle Keizer, co-owner. “We have the skill set and experience.  This will help them be productive and profitable. They build structures to withstand a high wind load and shed snow. Allsite builds to survive ground movements. It provides a secure cover for harsh conditions. Like our managed services, it is secure.”

BCT has a 24/7 monitoring system.  We provide exclusive vendor management services. Therefore, it will create a great customer service experience.” states Brett Ratliff, Director of Technical Operation. ” In conclusion, we are honored to have them as partners.”

Allsite Structure picked Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) as its Las Vegas Managed Service Provider.