Customized Hybrid Managed Services

All our customized managed Hybrid services include the following core functions. We will customize our  service to fit your specific needs and industry but will always include our core managed services

A.       Server support

  • Provide for in-depth server proactive and remedial support and service.
  • Emergency support
  • Monitors 24/7 server health.
  • Patches are applied only after thorough testing for interoperability and cross interaction with other servers, applications and devices.
  • Provide for timely, scheduled and if needed on the fly anti-virus, malware, patch management.
  • Tracking system automatically defines SLA and escalation processes are triggered.
  • On site visits on a regular basis for physically maintenance and overview.
  • Will provide free hardware proactive and remedial support (warranty parts provided by vendor, or if out of warranty parts are extra)

B.    Network Support

  • Maintain the entire networking infrastructure in the same mode and level as server support.(see above)
  • Emergency Support
  • Monitor, maintain and recommend if necessary needs of both wired and wireless networking based on growth, application needs and specific departmental protocols and compliance issues.
  • Will provide support in ensuring proper filtering of web sites based on county policies.

C.    Help Desk Support

  • End user support
  • Live support provided during business hours
  • Help desk engineer’s intimate knowledge of WPC configuration
  • Dedicated engineers assigned to WPC with backup from the entire support team
  • Provide initial triage to operational issues such as login issues, password resets, internet access and printing issues.
  • Follows a detailed escalation protocol to ensure more severe issues are routed to senior engineers and management notification
  • Provides support based on client call in directly, via client portal (proposed) and email.
  • All help desk engineers have a minimum of one year experience.
  • Provides support on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphone (interconnectivity to the network) and general server and networking devices.
  • Provides support on Windows and mac devices.
  • Utilizes monitoring tools and state of the art remote diagnostic and remedial tools
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