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Our process is to consult, assess, implement, and support your system. We achieve this by focusing on your critical areas and identifying existing problems or potential threats. We work to understand your needs then perform a thorough risk assessment to analyze and measure the security of your network.

Create A Solution To Combat Threats
The goal is to determine the vulnerability of your system and create a solution that combats the problem, so you don’t have to worry about disruptions or an unsecure system.

IT Solutions For Regulatory and Compliance Companies
Many companies that have regulatory and compliance constraints must have a business continuity plan that is tested every year. It’s the LAW.

Indestructible Plan for Compliance
Certified Business Continuity Professionals will help you create an indestructible plan that complies with industry regulations.

Guaranteed System Protection
We understand you need a secure network, which is why BCT is Certified with CompTIA Security Trustmark to guarantee your system and critical information is always protected. We continuously monitor and secure an institutions’ technology assets over a private cloud, while ensuring compliance readiness.

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