In 2016 BCT along with Mike Mears, Eureka County Assessor have been working diligently and have successfully reduced or eliminated many of the technology contracts. This has already resulted in a $280,000.00 savings for the upcoming Fiscal Year. Additonal savings are to be realized in Fiscal Year 2017

Business Continuity Technologies along with Earle Keizer President and COO, gave the Commissioners a presentation regarding how BCT has been performing IT/network activities in Eureka County. Keizer gave an overview “of what we’ve been doing and where we’re headed.” Keizer characterized BCT as a “32 year old minority employee owned I.T. Company” keeping pace with rapid technology changes that bring “challenges to security.”

BCT is finding a niche working in rural Nevada areas and is providing management of IT for the County. The County is benefitting from the expertise of various BCT professionals including primary senior engineer, Rory Jackson, and two more assistants. BCT has been using a ticketing system to keep track of everything being done from a technology perspective so they can keep track of everything that happens. Eureka County’s computer system is being monitored 24/7 and Keizer said 80 percent of high level technology fixes can be done remotely. BCT also offers an unlimited help desk via phone and email with the aim being “worry-free IT.”

From July to September 2015, BCT addressed 142 service tickets with a lot of server issues. Keizer said, “The bad guys are ahead of us by 18 months” and “we’re trying to play catch-up.” Keizer noted Nevada is number 4 in the nation with the most internet fraud cases. BCT installed a unified threat management system which provides layers of security for everything going in or coming out to keep the county secured.

BCT can provide system recovery and restoration quickly to prevent down-time and keep the system constantly running in a very secure way. If the server dies, BCT can virtualize the server within 15 minutes. BCT has created a technology road map for the County based on the needs, security and budgetary restraints of the County, prioritizing needs, and training county staff so as to “provide secure, stable, compliant, comprehensive network services” that are “proactive in nature.”

County Auditor Mike Mears said he’s “super happy” with BCT and thanked Keizer and his team, saying he’s seen “a big impact.”

(exerpts from The Eureka Sentinel)