Industry Focused IT


Industry Focused It

Law Firms
BCT provides Legal Network Security and Legal Managed IT services to the leading law firms in Las Vegas. Our clients range from small boutique firms to one of the largest law firms in town who has been with us for over 23 years. In 2010 we were honored to have been their IT provider during a major court case that received the #1 Top Jury Verdicts of 2010- $1 billion judgment. We can help you use technology to not only to win verdicts but to ensure security at all times. Our experience in cloud and hybrid cloud solutions can help you cut down on your legal IT costs.

In the 1990’s, we gained experience in the hospitality business by providing hardware services to many of the new casinos being built in Las Vegas. Today we continue to provide services to the hospitality industry through our proactive Managed IT Services with our one price per month guarantee. With clients like Trump International Hotel and Carriage House, one of the best boutique hotels in Las Vegas, our technicians are trained in hospitality IT and will beat your expectations in customer service.

BCT manages your technology so you can manage your patients at an affordable monthly guaranteed fee. We have a credited history of providing proactive, prescriptive IT services to clients in the healthcare industry. From doctors’ offices, to nationwide medical billing practices, our goal is to provide you with worry-free day-to-day management of infrastructure-based IT services in the context of meeting HIPAA compliant policies and procedures.

BCT’s educational expertise has been gained from working with the 5th largest school district in the U.S. to transforming rural county school districts from the analog age to the digital age. Our expertise with Managed Blended Google Classrooms and Project Based Learning has earned us the reputation as leading the way to revolutionizing Digital Education in the North American Channel (as reported by The Wall Street Journal). BCT has also partnered with Charter Schools in implementing technology solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Most companies in the construction industry want adoption of new technologies to result in greater efficiencies and improved profitability. With rugged tablets and hand held devices that are loaded with apps are necessary to provide access to information, BCT goes beyond problem solving project management to providing proactive IT support for construction companies. Our references run from companies that specialize in helping builders balance construction, to specialty electrical contractors and to a full service building contractor that builds and renovates 80% of Las Vegas apartment construction.

Houses of Worship & Not For Profits
One of the largest African-American churches in the State of Nevada, Victory Baptist Church has been the recipient of BCT’s IT services for the last 2 decades. Every device that they rely on to run their service is maintained and supported 24×7. Recently another large, fast growing progressive House of Worship in Las Vegas chose BCT to provide remote and on site proactive managed IT services. Our experience provides IT services for a Not for Profit organization, Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center.

The entertainment industry is heavily dependent on a solid and affordable IT infrastructure. To be profitable, entertainment companies need fast and efficient distribution and with tight coordination with marketing. Large file secure sharing and stable cloud-based storage all contribute to the IT challenges faced by the entertainment industry. BCT has the experience to work with entertainment organizations to help them manage their IT infrastructure along with processes to meet the growing demands of today’s marketplace.

County & Municipal Government
For over 30 years, BCT has strategically targeted local county and municipal government. In the rural counties of Nevada. We have established a core competency in providing technical solutions and management of IT operations. By maintaining a knowledge base of IT information specific to the municipalities and by being sensitive to the local culture and nuances of rural Nevada, we have become trusted partners. Some of the services we provide are: real-time U.S. based Help Desk support, reduced capital expenditures, help provide a fixed IT services budget, protect vital records, supplement your local IT department or provide all the IT services for a monthly guaranteed affordable price.

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