white pine county, Lester KeizerLester Keizer and Rory Jackson, CEO and Manager of Technology Services for Business Continuity Technologies BCT) respectively, has been selected to speak at the CompTIA  ChannelCon 201 “Be The Change” event in the Lighting Round.  CompTIA’s ChannelCon event is the IT industry’s premier education, networking, and partnering event that is taking place in Austin, Texas from July 31-August 2, 2017.

Lester Keizer has had a distinguished career in both HealthCare and Technology. His healthcare experience includes telemedicine development and  developing over 40 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers across the country,  including the development of Crossroads of Antiqua, a world class Rehab Hospital through a joint venture with rock star Eric Clapton. In the Technology world, Lester  transformed a 33-year-old company in Las Vegas from delivering products to Managed services. Thus, it was recognized on the MSPmentor100 list as number 1 in Nevada and number 14 worldwide as the most progressive managed services provider.

Previously Lester served as CEO and co-founder of XiloCore one of the first national cloud based channel providers for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery which was recently sold to J2 Global a publicly traded company known for eFax. In 2011, Mr. Keizer along with the Heartland Technology Group (HTG) co-founded “Hands That Give’, the IT industry’s first emergency disaster recovery response system.

white pine county, Rory JacksonRory Jackson, a 2014 CompTIA Channel Changer award winner and CompTIA Future Leaders community champion & vice chairman, is the Manager Of Technical Operations at Business Continuity Technologies, Nevada’s largest managed service provider. Rory joined BCT in the fall of 2013, and with his specific set of skills; the company has been able to manage several major IT projects in rural areas of Nevada. He takes great pride in his ability to distinguish the needs, concerns, and aspirations of his clients. Rory uses his proficiency in understanding his clients’ business processes to find solutions that best fit their specific line of business.

His areas of expertise include Healthcare Facilities, Law Firms, Schools, and Government Agencies. Rory’s determination to succeed is unparalleled. His ambition and resilience have made him a highly efficient IT professional. Rory’s true passions in the industry include Networking, Security, and learning about innovative technologies and ideas. Rory attended ITT Technical Institute in Las Vegas, NV from 2008 to 2012. While attending ITT Tech he joined National Technical Honor Society, and achieved a grade point average of 3.93 overall. Rory graduated with Highest Honors earning an AS in Computer Networking Systems, and a BS in Information Systems Security.

“I am absolutely thrilled that BCT has been selected to present at this prestigious conference, says Earle Keizer, President and COO.  “To be able to present at a national forum is an honor for our Las Vegas based technology company.  Their contribution and passion for our industry is what has put BCT on the map as a leading Managed Service Provider and has kept our 34 year old company in the spotlight locally and nationally.”

The presentation will take place on August 1, at 3:30 PM.  During the session they will present: Case Study of Digital Transformation in Rural America Powered by CompTIA Industry Councils.

They will  explore the fascinating journey of one rural county’s technology transformation from the analog age to the digital age. Hear about the challenges, which were compounded by different technology needs across departments, that White Pine County and their school district faced – from rural broadband issues and old legacy systems to unstable and disparate technology infrastructures. The citizens of White Pine County live 240 miles from the nearest decently sized metropolis and 190 miles from the closest Walmart. The Nevada stretch of U.S. Highway 50, dubbed “the loneliest road in America” runs through the heart of town.

The prevention will include best practices for identifying opportunities, closing sales, assessments, and pricing in the local government space. Learn how BCT developed and implemented a technology road map for transforming a rural county to the digital age.

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