white pine county school


White Pine County School Board (WPCSD) chosen by Nevada Association of School Boards (NASB) as SCHOOL BOARD OF THE YEAR.

“I am so proud of what the White Pine County School Board has accomplished”, said Earle Keizer President and Co-Owner of Business Continuity Technology who was in attendance to witness this historic occasion. “We have been providing technology services to the WPCSD for over 10 years!  To watch this school district embrace technology and use it as tool to help the children learn and prepare them for the digital age has been very satisfying. We are very happy that our Managed Services has played but a small part in the continuing success of the White Pine County School District.

The School Board of the Year Award recognizes the consistent use and development of skills and programs focused on board- superintendent cooperation and teamwork to improve student achievement.

In 2017, the White Pine County School District Board of Trustees worked with District staff to revisit, re-craft, and consolidate the WPCSD Performance Plan, focusing on dramatically increasing student achievement at all levels. The strength of the Performance Plan assisted District staff in securing nearly $3.8M in grants. Those funds made it possible for the strategic intent of the District Performance Plan to be implemented: namely, drastically changing and improving Tier 1 instruction and“changing the world by creating a world class learning environment where all participants work interdependently to achieve our mission of promoting, supporting, and ensuring high levels of learning.” TheWPCSD Board of Trustees believes in building the capacity of all employees, and through these initiatives, teachers, administrators, and support staff will have access to unprecedented levels of collaborative learning in the areas of Literacy, STEM, and Leadership Development.

White Pine County School Board members also received the following prestigious awards at the awards banquet of NASB held at the South Point Hotel and Casino on November 17,2018:

  • The FIRST Executive Director Award was presented to Pete Mangum, a school trustee who served eight years as a Director for the Nevada Association of School Boards. In addition, he has been a driving force in his District’s school safety initiatives.
  • The THIRD Executive Director Award was made to Lori Hunt, a trustee who has shown how to welcome new trustees to her Board with friendliness, grace, respect and helpful guidance while demonstrating the importance of being a role model for others.
  • VETERAN SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER OF THE YEAR- LORI HUNT.  This award recognizes the dedicated service and leadership of local school trustee who have served for more than one term.