Proactive Not Panic- Delivering Managed Services in The World Of Covid-19

We take care of our customers like family!

Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) provides proactive services in responses to the Covid-19 (CoronaVirus)  to our Managed Services clients. A few weeks ago BCT quietly sent this infographic to our customers. So many hundreds of panic emails were going out, so we decided to use this simple illustrative method to creatively get the word out.

In a nutshell we would pay for our employees testing and for their salary  if they were sick or who had symptoms of the virus. No questions asked.

For our clients we would provide for free whatever was needed for them to be able to work remotely! BCT believes that this is not the time to sell or to take advantage of our SMB customers. Our Managed Service clients will get the best in class of advice of a remote work at home strategy and implimentation with no extra cost to them. Our clients are family. Family comes first!

“I am so proud of Earle Keizer, President, COO and Co-owner of BCT, who has taken a strong leadership role in this time of crisis and took up every challenge not with panic but with a smile, “says Lester Keizer Co-Owner and currently on medical disability leave of absence. (non Covid-19 related). ”

I am extremely proud of our team of engineers who have worked tirelessly and unselfishly night and day to make sure our clients are safe and to keep their business running. They are part of the ‘Ameri-CAN’!’ My hats off to our team who are doing their best to keep the Main Street of America in business.