business continuity technologies

In a unanimous vote by the Ely City Council, Business Continuity Technologies (BCT) was chosen to provide managed technology services. Ely is the largest city and county seat of White Pine County, Nevada.  It was founded as a stagecoach station along the Pony Express and Central Overland Route.

The citizens of Ely live 240 miles from the nearest decently sized metropolis and 190 miles from the closest Walmart. The Nevada stretch of U.S. Highway 50, dubbed “the loneliest road in America” runs through the heart of town.

“We are honored to be able to provide technology services to this beautiful rustic, rural city. I love working in the rural areas,” states Earle Keizer, Co-owner and President of BCT.  “We have a significant presence in this area and have invested much in the infrastructure,” said Earle.   Earle Keizer was at the recent city council meeting when the city council members voted to partner with BCT in developing, managing and providing world-class technology services for this city.

“This new partnership is in line with our business strategy to help manage and develop the technology infrastructure of the rural cities and counties in Nevada.  BCT understands the local needs and culture of rural Nevada and is committed to transform the sometimes-forgotten local municipalities into the digital age,” said Lester Keizer C0-owner and CEO of BCT.

Business Continuity Technologies,  a minority owned company, has been providing technology services to  Las Vegas and rural Nevada for over 32 years.