Manny has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field.  He began his career as an IT Administrative Assistant and did basic workstation configuration, to include troubleshooting on hardware/software.  He transitioned to become a Network Engineer for AT&T where he was responsible for project management and disaster recovery.  He expertly assisted in data migration and development of NISE for AT&T.

He has vast experience with T1, PRI and trunk services and ensured continuity of T1 services for several hundred clients encompassing several regions/cities.  Manny also has a wide-range of experience when it comes to printers.  He’s managed everything from desktop printers to CAD printers through installation, configuration and troubleshooting.  He was the “go to” for setting up print servers from small businesses up to large enterprise environments to include training end users on printer operation.

Prior to BCT, he was an engineer for MGM and provided network support for 6 of their properties.  Manny holds certification in CompTIA A+ & Net+. 

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