Business Continuity Technologies (BCT)  latest Managed Services client is McManus Auction . This was the auction house where hundreds of items from movie sets including Star Wars were sold.  They handled the auction of the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds estate. Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia cookie jar and Marilyn Monroe’s gloves were some of the items for sale.

“We are proud to be have this auction house as another Managed Services partner.  This is the largest jewels, coin, antique and firearm auction center in Las Vegas. They  trust us with the security of their technology networks.   This is a tribute to our IT services expert team of engineers. We are happy to have them in our family,” says Lester and Earle Keizer, Co-Owners of BCT.

For more than a decade this company has been holding weekly auctions resulting in new business.   Because of their belief in customer satisfaction they were  chosen as Henderson’s #1 Auctions House three times. Under the dynamic leadership of Patrick McManus, the auction house has become an icon in Las Vegas.

“Their client service friendly store really impressed me,” says George Porchas, senior engineer of BCT,  who handled the  initial on site network survey. “The VIP bid lounge and charging stations is great. Having free wifi, food and drink and VIP bidding is awesome! It truly caters to the bidding process.”

Since 2003, McManus Auction creates a custom tailored auction approach to their clients. As a result, they handle many types of sales from multi-million dollar estate deals to business sales and personal items for instance.

“BCT is growing to expend into the various unique business of Las Vegas. Our 36 year old IT services company here in  Vegas will always stay true to its core values.  This results in a client service experience that is second to none. Finally, we use IT best practices in our managed services product,” say Brett Ratliff, Director of Technical Operations for BCT.