About 13 years ago I was tasked to help transform Connecting Point of Las Vegas (now Business Continuity Technologies) to be the Managed Services Las Vegas provider of choice. At that time Managed Service Las Vegas technology companies were few and far between. What was popular was the break-fix model of providing for technology problems. It was reactive and can be best described by making money on the misfortunes of other company’s and putting out fires for them. Our engineers would literally clap when a call would come in so they could drive off in their company provided vehicles and fix things. This was how we generated revenues back then.

We decided that we would transform and disrupt the market through Managed Services Las Vegas. Our goal at that time was to improve the efficiency and dependability of our client’s IT operations through a proactive wholistic approach while at the same time giving our clients predictable pricing and to help manage their costs. This is a major and important benefit for our Managed Services Las Vegas clients. Business owners have little to no time to spend thinking about their IT infrastructure, worrying about things such as the dependability and speed of the network connections, and other concerns. By working with our Managed Services Las Vegas company, they are afforded the luxury of all-day, every-day, around-the-clock coverage with minimal to no down time.

Our hard work paid off. As a result, our Managed Services Las Vegas company was chosen as number 1 in the State of Nevada and number 14 world-wide as the most progressive managed service technology provider.

When my brother Earle Keizer, joined our Managed Services Las Vegs company, he brought to us his technical expertise and generated customer satisfaction excitement by consistently providing technology deliverables on time and within budget as expected by today’s digital savvy clients.

Today, we are honored and humbled to have created a culture that lives and breathes Managed Services. We are happy to be the Managed Services Las Vegas provider of choice for many successful companies.