Business Continuity Technologies is proud to announce its partnership with the DoD SkillBridge program.  Each year approximately 200,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces, stationed in over 140 military installations in the U.S. and overseas, will separate from active duty and re-enter the civilian work force or pursue higher education.  Through the SkillBridge program, BCT will offer a 12 week training program to military members separating within 180 days at no cost to the service member.  The only requirement is that you obtain Command/Service approval.

We will assist in your transition from military life to civilian life and offer you technical skills you can use to further your professional career whether that be with us or another business.  Our goal is to provide you with basic technical skills that will get you in the door so that you can serve your local community.  “As a veteran, I completely understand how terrifying the transition from military life to civilian life can be” says Melvin Chatman Jr. Executive Director of Operations.  “I wanted us to participate in this program as an opportunity to give our separating service members a leg up in the civilian world and help them make a smooth, successful transition that includes hands-on technical training.”

What you’ll gain through the program with BCT is:

  • Hands-On training in the Information Technology field
  • Vendor specific training that can earn you a certification
  • Gain experience you can put on a resume to pursue a career in Information Technology
  • Obtain real world experience working with civilians