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  • Don’t pay for third party fax service anymore

Video Conferencing

  • Don’t pay for third party video conferencing capabilities anymore

Mobile Phone App

  • Dial out from the app using the company caller ID so your personal number remains hidden
  • Don’t pay cell phone carriers for company issued cell phones anymore

Messaging Service

  • Centralize internal communication to one single solution

Plug and Play

  • The only hardware needed is the phone
  • Cloud-Based Management

Support Provided Entirely by BCT

  • All phone tickets go to the BCT helpdesk for prompt, professional service
  • No waiting on hold with a third party that doesn’t understand your needs

Communicate Anywhere with Options to Choose From

Every method of communication (phone, voice, video & chat)

Business Phone

Stay connected no matter where your office is. 90+ features, including HD voice & unlimited domestic calling (Canada, US and PR).

Video Conferencing

Securely engage with your customers from wherever with 720p HD audio/ video, screen sharing, and interactive presentation tools.

Team Chat

Break away from your inbox. Communicate with coworkers in real-time with individual and team chat.

Elevate Resources

How to Use Online Meeting

How to Make Calls with Elevate

BCT Elevate

Elevate: How to Use Chat

Benefits of Moving to The Cloud:

  • Highly Reliable
  • Simplified Scaling & Management
  • Lower Cost
  • Business Continuity
  • Increased Productivity & Collaboration