Sean is a well-seasoned, self-taught Information Technology professional with over 14 years of faithful service in the industry.  As a child, he would take computers apart and put them back together and was intrigued by how they worked.  He developed a skill and passion of building PCs and working inside Windows.

He brings a breadth of experience to BCT with over a decade of managing all aspects of: Microsoft Windows/Server, Active Directory management, Microsoft Exchange, DHCP, DNS, Print Server Management, Scripting, and Office 365 administration.  He is definitely no stranger to network switching and routing as well as firewall administration.  He also brings a unique talent to the team by being well versed in Apple products and is an Apple product user himself.

Sean began his career at Networx a Las Vegas based MSP and worked his way up to:  Level 3 Senior VMware Server Engineer, Senior Disaster Recovery Engineer and prided himself on being the last line of defense for the clients he serviced.  His wisdom of data recovery was demonstrated when a client presented him with a corrupted HDD.  He recovered all of the folders/files resulting in zero loss of data.  His extensive experience in designing, deploying and maintaining high availability VMware clusters makes him a priceless asset to the team.

Sean’s attention to detail is above reproach as he demonstrates his immeasurable ability to reverse engineer undocumented details of any network environment.  He has proven this by regaining “lost access” to several different systems ranging from Windows desktops, servers, firewalls and network switches/routers.  His competency and efficiency shines on “hard to work” tickets and his relentless pursuit to fix any issue thrown his way makes him a vital member of our team.  If the phone rings and it’s Sean McIntosh on the other end of the phone, you can bet he’s going to solve your issue one way or another no matter how long it takes him to figure it out.